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About Me

Aspire Weed Control is the result of the founder's journey to enjoy his home and his aspirations to eliminate the need to pull weeds from his yard. Don Gross moved to the East Valley in 2005 after growing up in Southern IL and service in the US Army. He and his family bought their first home in Queen Creek. He quickly learned that one of the thorns of the rose of home ownership is dealing with weeds. The turning point occurred during a conversation with a neighbor who owned a landscaping company. Don asked why he needed to pull weeds from his yard most days after getting home from work in an attempt to stay on top of the problem while he had never seen any weeds in the neighbor's yard and he never saw him pulling weeds. The neighbor introduced Don to the use of pre-emergent.

At first, Don tried the best products available from his local big box store with moderate success. Then he researched the best weed prevention products and equipment and the best suppliers. Don found spraying 3-4 gallons of herbicide in the AZ is a lot of work with only a gallon pump sprayer. He wanted to increase the effectiveness and longevity of his treatments. After consulting with a professional, he invested money into buying commercial grade products. He found success! A single treatment could keep the weeds away for half the year.

However, soon a new problem emerged. The "good stuff" does not come in homeowner size containers. Don had enough herbicide to treat his yard for the next decade, but the shelf life of those products was only 2-3 years. Don's solution was to not keep it to himself. He decided to treat other homes in the community. He was content to keep his operation small, but regulatory constraints lead to a crossroad and the birth of Aspire Weed Control.

Our goal at Aspire Weed Control is to grow by one happy customer at a time. Our founder was our first happy customer we would like you to be the next.

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